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Crestone, Colorado Local Weather Conditions

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 Latitude: N 37.98 Longitude: W -105.68 Elevation: 8085 Feet

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- Weather Conditions Nearby -

Miles from Crestone to below towns are as the crow flies, not driving miles, which are more.
(See this notice about these conditions)


40 Miles SSW
40 Miles SSE
40 Miles WNW

45 Miles NNW

50 Miles NNW

60 Miles SW

65 Miles NW
90 Miles NW
Aspen, CO, condiations

100 Miles W

150 Miles NNE

Denver, CO, condiations

- Local Forecast -
(Updated: 246 AM MDT on July 10)


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Sunny &
Hi 90F

& Mild
Lo 54F

Sunny &
 Hi 90F

P. Cloudy
Lo 52F

P. Sunny
PM T-Stm?
Hi 88F

P. Cloudy
Very Mild
Lo 56F

P. Sunny
PM TS?/Warm
Hi 87F

P. Cloudy
V. Mild
Lo 55F

P. Sunny
PM Tstm?
Hi 87F

Weather Info

Forecast below is for the entire area, forecast above is for around 8,000 feet only.... The normal high temperature today around the Crestone/Baca area is 81, record high is NA; the normal low is 48, record low is NA... Note: When percentages for precip are less than 30%, they aren't shown above. 

Click here for the latest Colorado Forecast Maps, and more.




Mostly sunny, hot and dry, with highs below 10,000 feet of 80 to 91, and with mild highs above 10,000 feet of 62 to 74... West wind 5 to 10 mph.




Mostly clear... Mild lows below 10,000 feet of 50 to 54, and with mild lows also above 10,000 feet of 41 to 51... West wind 5 to 10 mph... Wind will become east after midnight in the foothills.


Chances for Precip


Below 10,000 feet: 20% for Sunday, Monday, and also for Tuesday.
Above 10,000 feet: 10% Saturday, 20% Sunday,  20 to 30% Monday, and 20% for Tuesday.

Latest U.S. Visible Satellite

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Colorado 24 Hour Precip Map

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Latest Radar from Pueblo

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Crestone Web Cam

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Monarch Pass Web Cam

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Wolf Creek Pass Cam

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Colorado Web Cams | La Veta Pass Cams
Villa Grove Cams | Saguache Cam | Poncha Pass Cams | Crestone Cams


U.S. Radar
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(Note: UTC is plus six hours from MDT)



Welcome to my home weather station. The station's stats are recorded online every 6 to 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. My first weather station went online back in 1999, when I lived in Manitou Sps, Co. My second internet station went online in 2001, and began to collect data for Crestone, CO; in November, 2002, it became Crestone's official weather station in 2006. This current online station started up in October of 2012. (You can read more on this here).


Please feel free to email me with any comments you might have.




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Old recorded stats from before March 2, 2020, from this station, can be found here:

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Daily recorded stats, taken every 10 minutes from this station, can be viewed here: 


Weather For You
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