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Record Hight reached in Crestone on Monday
(posted by Keno on Oct 26, 2021 at 400am)


The Crestone Baca saw a record high temperature broken on Monday, October 25, when the high for the day reached 70 degrees, breaking the old record of 68 degrees, set back in 2012. This is the second latest 70 degree day seen this late in the year (latest date was set on October 29, 2003, when it hit 72 degrees), in the greater Crestone area.


Water Year Reports for Crestone, and all of Colorado, and U.S.

(posted by Keno on Oct 5, 2021 at 408am)


This year's water reports from CoCoRaHS (which runs from October thru Sept each year) is in with 2 full water year reports to look over for the greater Crestone area. My reports from Chalet 1, and Jose's reports from Chalet 2 (which is just on the border line of Chalet 3). You can look at all of the daily reports at either location made - by month, or by days, plus there's other added data to check out in graphs, etc. So go here for: Chalet 1.... or here for: Chalet 2. For any other reports in the state of Colorado, just go here: Colorado. For the entire country, go here: USA ... On either the USA or Colorado pages, you can also access past water year reports from Chalet 1 starting from 2004 (from about mid-year on, back from when I joined CoCoRaHS), and for Chalet 2,  starting from 2019 (from when Jose joined CoCoRaHS), and for the entire state of Colorado going back to mid 1999, when CoCoRaHS started up. One suggestion when searching the USA or Colorado data, just do so under the station name, which will be the city that you're looking for, instead of looking under the station's numbers, which is the default setting.


- Snow Spotters -

New Local Snow Spotters are always wanted and needed!

(posted by Keno on Oct 12, 2021 at 1208pm)


Yes, I should have put out the call for the need of new snow spotters in the greater Crestone area sooner than today - with our first accumulating snow falling today. But I've been very busy working on the new zoon cam for Crestone (do check it out on a clear day if you haven't yet) and we also just had a new baby granddaughter born into the family in the last 2 days (first girl born into our family in 25 years!), so things have been busy here with lot's to do, to say the least.


But if you would like to become a new snow spotter for the greater Crestone area (that means anywhere around this area, including but not limited to, the town of Crestone, the Chalets, the Grants, Casita Park, and the Moffat area), I would love to have you join us! What you need is something to measure the snow with (most use a regular ruler, or when a lot of snow falls, a yard stick), while those of us who have official weather equipment, use a snow rule. Some of our spotters use a snow board, too (no, not the kind that you ski on, but the original snow boards that our weather bureau uses). They are wooden square boards with a glossy finish, and are easy to put together - and they need to be painted white. Snow sticks to a snow board sooner than it does to the ground, and with the ground still warm right now, it does make a difference when you measure it on a snow board. But if you don't have one, the ground will do! Just make sure you pick a spot in the open, away from trees (for sure!) and away from your home if possible (see more on this below). Then write down the total that you get, and if the snow has finished falling for the day, email in your report in to me at If it's still snowing, write down what you measured, and then at the end of the day, add up your totals and send in your report at that time. Many of our spotters wait until the next morning to do this and that's cool, although I'm a night owl and if you send in a snow report at any hour over nite, chances are I'm up and I'll always will write you back at what ever time I receive your report, letting you know I received it.


So, I would love to add some new spotters to our current team and for all to be ready to report even today's snow. BTW, current spotters don't have to write me and say they are still on board, just read the bit below and it will be great to have all of you back again this year, after last year's very successful reporting season! 


To our current snow spotters: Whenever the snow temporary stops or lets up, that is - while the storm is still ongoing, try measuring the snow at that time (just be careful walking on any ice!...and of course, write down that total so you don't forget what you measured), as this time of the year the snow does melt real fast and the snow on the bottom layer will melt first because of the warm ground. So you got to measure snow more often in the fall (or in the spring) for this reason, or you will not get correct readings if you wait until the storm is totally finished. But please, only send me in one report - after the storm is all over with, this way I don't have to add up all of your different totals. I'll let you do that when you send in your report for after the storm ends, and as always, thanks for your help in measuring our snow in this area, your neighbors and I do appreciate it!

Winter Weather Quick Facts and Preparedness

(posted by Keno on Oct 12, 2021 at 108pm)

Quick facts you should know about winter weather:

• Snow can occur at temperatures as high as 48 degrees if conditions are right.

• The record for most snowfall in the Lower 48 States in a 24 hour period is 75.8” at Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921.

• Blizzard conditions are met when visibility in falling and blowing snow reaches ¼ mile or less and sustained wind speeds of 35 mph or greater occur for 3 hours or more.

• As little as 1/16” of ice can begin to impact roadways and sidewalks.

• As the wind increases, the body is cooled at a faster rate. The “wind chill” is a way for meteorologists to communicate what the combination of wind and temperature “feels like” to exposed skin.


A Winter Storm Watch is issued when conditions are favorable for significant winter weather and/or blizzard conditions. Time to prepare!

A Winter Storm Warning is issued when a combination of heavy snow, blowing snow, and possibly ice mixed with snow is expected to impact the area. Time to act!

A Blizzard Warning is issued when the combination of strong wind, low visibility, and heavy snow will significantly impact daily life.


- Public Service Announcements -

All who are 12 years old or older are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The next COVID vaccination clinic in Crestone will be held on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at the COVID Vaccination Clinic in Crestone, from 9am-12pm. Location is at the EMS Crew Barn behind the library (the old Crestone Charter school), 67581 T Road, Crestone, CO. Please call 719-655-2533 for open time slots


For more Saguache County Public Health's free COVID vaccination clinic dates, they ask that you go to their website for when and where these events will happen, or call them at 719-655-2533 for more info








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