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Public Information Statement


Snow Spotters Needed!!
(posted by Keno on Wednesday, Sept 9 at 232 am)
The Crestone Weather Center is in need of new snow spotters to report for the greater Crestone/Baca area. While it's a volunteer job, you will get the satisfaction of helping out your local weatherman (me),
along with  the NWS, and everybody locally with your reports! It's most important to have several snow reporters sending in their snow totals after a storm ends. At one time I had 7 snow spotters reporting
after storms ended, but for this upcoming winter, I'm down to just 3 local snow spotters for this new snow season. I especially need new spotters out in the Grants and Casita Park, as the 3 spotters who used to report from
those locations, all moved away in the last 2 years.  One of them moved to Chalet 1 and still reports today from there, and that's where all 3 of our current spotters are now all located. We also need spotters
who live in Chalet 2 and 3, and in the town of Crestone - where, in the 18 years of running the weather center here and making daily reports to the NWS, I have never had any spotters from the town of Crestone. It's 
the only place in the area where that has happened. But snow totals around here vary a lot and I would love to see a few more spotters join our local team asap, as winter will be here before you know it - 
well, as far as snow goes, and as you all know, it got here this year early, on Sept 8! 
If you have any question on this feel free to drop me a line! But if you would like to help out, GREAT! All you need is a ruler - or better yet, a yard stick, or a official snow rule to measure the snow with. While a white snow board helps,
 its fine to just measure the snow right off the ground, too. The best bet is to be 30 feet from any buildings (if possible) when measuring, and to be away from any trees. Once you take your measurement,
then all that's left to do is email me at with the following info: Your name, the time of the report, your location - and your elevation, along with any other comments that you feel will be 
helpful. Your reports would be very much appreciated and on occasions noted here in any special reports issued by myself, plus your reports will also be noted in my daily weather data report to the NWS,
 and on occasion to the daily reports I also make to CoCoRaHS and to the Crestone Eagle. 
So I and many others would love to have you join our local team! 
Several Weather Records Broken on Tuesday in the Crestone Baca
(posted by Keno on Wednesday, September 9 at 310 am)
Nine (yes, 9!) different weather records were broken in the Crestone-Baca on Tuesday - for September 8. A few of those new records set were for: A new low temperature for the date, with a reading of 26 degrees, shattering the
old record of 36 degrees. We also saw the lowest high temperature for the date set at 64 degrees, along with the coldest average temperature for the day at 45 degrees (the average temp this time of year should
be 58 degrees.).... We also set a few new snow total records. First, the 4.6 inches of snow was a record for most snow for the date, as it had never snowed on this date before. The snowfall itself is also a new official record for
the earliest snowfall in the month of September, and also to start off the new snow season.... Then we set a new record for most precipitation for the date with .44 of an inch...  Also broken was the record for the amount of time/days between 
the last accumulating snowfall of the former snow season  and the start of the first accumulating new snow for the new snow season, that being 93 days, from June 6, 2020  to September 8, 2020.
I guess it could also be noted - while not a official stat, therefor it's impossible to even know for sure.... But I can't ever recall any one single day in 45 years of being an official weather reporter, where 9 different old records were
broken in one 24 hour period. 
5 more new Weather Records set on Wednesday
(posted by Keno on Thursday, September 10 at 305 am)
Five more weather records were broken on Wednesday, September 9 in the Crestone Baca. First, the low temp for the day was 23 degrees, breaking the old record of 28 degrees which was set in 2001.
 Then the high for the day was only 39 degrees, destroying the old record for the lowest high temp for the date of 63 degrees, set in 1986. Same deal for the average temp, where  31 degrees was the day's average, breaking
 the old mark of 49 degrees, set in 2001. Finally, we saw two records broken in the precipitation department. The 3.2 inches of snow that fell was the first time it ever snowed on September 9, and the total precipitation
for the date was also a record high at .28 of an inch. So that bring us 14 new weather record set in just 2 days, with already 2 more new ones set for September 10 as I write this out. More on that tomorrow.
6 more record records set on Thursday!
(posted by Keno on Friday, September 11 at 305 am)
Another six weather records we broken in the Crestone/Baca on Thursday, September 10. A few of them were: A record low temperature set for the date when the low was 28 degrees, breaking the old record of
34 degrees, set in 2001. Two other temperature records were broken, one for the coldest high temp for the date, at 42 degrees, and the other one for the average temperature, at 35 degrees. Then among one more other record
to note was the 0.7 of an inch of snow that fell. This was the first time it ever snowed on that date. In total, with the six new records set today and the other 14 from the last 2 days before, that gives The Crestone/Baca
20 new records set in just the last 3 days! That is an unofficial record own as it is.
3 more weather records broken on Friday
(posted by Keno on Friday, September 12 at 259 am)
For the fourth day in a row, several weather record were broken in the Crestone /Baca when 3 more new record were set. Those new records were for 1) A record low high for the day of 56 degrees (old record was 60 degrees. 2) 
The average temperature on Friday was 44 degrees, breaking the old average record for the date which was  47 degrees. 3) Finally, we have 21 heating degree days yesterday, breaking the old record of 18, set in 2003. So with 
these 3 new records, that gives us 23 new records set in the last 4 days!
Another day and one more record
(posted by Keno on Saturday, September 13 at 540 am)
One more last(?) record for this week was set on Saturday, when the Crestone-Baca tied the record low for the daily average temperature for the day at 49.5 degrees, first set in 2012.

Record High Temp on Saturday and Sunday in Crestone
(posted at 515 pm on Sunday, Sept 6 by Keno)
Record high temperatures have been set in the Crestone/Baca on Saturday, September 5, and on Sunday, September 6. First, the high reached 88 degrees on Saturday, breaking the old record for the date of 87 degrees, set just last year. Then for today, the high reached 88 degrees at 4pm, breaking the old record mark of 86 degrees, set in 2013.


Warmest August ever seen in Crestone
(posted at 628 am on Thursday, Sept 3 by Keno)


The greater Crestone/Baca area saw the warmest August ever this year - tying the record for the highest temperatures in the month with an average temp of 67.4 degrees. This record high average reading has only been seen once before in August, back in 1995.


It can also be noted that for the month of August, as far as record high temperatures being set go, for the 31 days in the month, all but 3 days have seen new record highs set after the 21st century came around. Those 3 dates being August 13, 1996, and August 30 and 31 of 1985. With global warming now in full control of planet Earth, we can expect to see more such high temperature readings being broken in the coming years, which isn't a good thing at all.






- Public Service Announcements -


The Deadline for the U.S. Census has been extended now to September 30!

It is suggested that you go online and fill out the Census form instead of having a rep drop by your home. You DO NOT need a CeCensus ID number to do this, and if you live in the greater Crestone area, you more than likely don't have one. It doesn't take long at all to fill out the Census form! So plan on doing this ASAP. You can do this by going to this website: For more info, call this telephone # 1-844-330-2020. Please make sure you and your family all get counted today! p>





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