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Snow reports for Jan 19 snowfall

(posted by Keno on Tuesday, Jan 19 at 402 pm)


As I like to point out once in a while, these reports cover snow totals for daily snowfall only; they do not cover total overall snow depth, which is always more. Once again, only small amounts of new snow reported from our area with this latest snow, while the San Juan foothill's on the other side of the valley saw over a foot of new snow in spots. To say the least, we are overdue for a big snowfall to hit our area.... Note: these reports  are being listed in no real order, just as the reports came in to me today: Chalet 1 at the Weather Center (near the Baca firehouse at 8,085 ft): 2.4"; entrance to the Town of Crestone (around 8,000 ft): 1.7"; Chalet 3, near Liberty Road (8,100 ft): 2.2"; Northern Grants 2.5"; Chalet 1, Panorama Way (around 8,500 ft): 1.3"; Chalet 2 near Carefree and Camino Del Rey (elevation 8000 ft): 0.5"; Chalet 1, N Chaparral Way: 2"; Chalet 1 Arrowhead Way (around 8,200 ft): 1.9"; Grants 1 .4 mi west of Wagon Wheel & Brook Trout (around 7,600 ft): 1";  Borderline of Chalets 2 and 3 at Cottonwood (8,330 feet): 1.9"; and by the Baca water tanks at Stupa road: there was only about a third of an inch of new snowfall noted there.


Thanks to all of our spotters for their reports!


Snow reports for Jan 9 snowfall

(posted by Keno on Sunday, Jan 10 at 350 pm)


Here are the reports from our snow spotters for yesterday's small snowfall. The south end of town saw the most..... Chalet 3, near Liberty Road, 8,100 ft: 0.8"; Borderline of Chalets 2 and 3 at Cottonwood, 8,330 feet: 0.7";  Chalet 1, east end at 8,500 ft: 0.5"; Chalet 2 near Carefree and Camino Del Rey, elevation 8000 ft: 0.4"; Chalet 1 at Arrowhead Way 8,200 ft: 0.3"; Chalet 1, Crestone Weather Station, 1 block south of Baca Fire Station, 8,085 ft: 0.2", and out in the Grants, .4 mi west of Wagon Wheel & Brook Trout (around 7,600 ft), 0.1".




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