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Public Information Statement


First measureable rain of 2017 in Crestone/Baca
(Statement by Keno made on Sunday morning  at 930am MDT)

The first measurable rain of 2017 occurred  late Saturday night, March 25, with .01 of an inch recorded before it turned to heavy snow. Although the clock on the wall claims this occurred after midnight on Sunday March 26, the NWS is always on standard time (MST), so therefore us official weather reporters (with the 'Cooperative Observer Program' or COOP) also report on standard time. Also, because our online station is on MDT and not on MST, and the snow was falling before and after midnight, the 0.60 of an inch of total precipitation showing as of this writing, is actually 0.56 of an inch for today, with the other 0.04 of an inch actually falling just before midnight (standard time) and has already been reported for yesterday, March 25, as that amount.

It should also be noted that the 5.0 inches of snow showing as of this time on the snow total page for today, is more than likely less than what at first accumulated, since the snow has been melting very fast all morning thanks to the warm ground, and I'm sure I missed some of it overnight. The highest amount reported this morning from local spotters so far, is 6.0 inches to the east of our weather station.