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Snow Reports from Wednesday's Snowfall
(Updated on Thursday, Feb 8 at 1214 PM)


Here are the snow reports from our spotters, starting off from our main, official Crestone/Baca NWS station, located in Chalet 1, one block south of the Baca Fire house at 8,085 feet: 1.6" of new snow, with liquid precip at  0.21" and a snowpack of 8.8" (snowpack was measured at sunset Wednesday around 5 pm). Note: While only snow fell throughout this period, it didn't stick to the ground until around 5 hours after the light snow started, since the temperature was just above freezing in the early hours of the day (very unusual for this time of the year). Other reports around the area include the highest location in Chalet 1, at 8,600 ft, where 2.3" of new snow was reported; then one last report from Chalet 1, where one inch even was reported on Arrowhead Way (around 8,200 ft). Then  two reports from out in the Grants, first one from off Camino Real and Willow Trail, at 7,681 feet: 1.5", and then from Brook Trout Rd., west of Wagon Wheel: 1.2" (at 7,800 ft). 


I haven't heard from our other spotter reporters, hope I do soon, and will update the reports if/when I do. But yes, compared to the last few years, we don't have as many spotters as we used to have reporting. At least two of them moved away, and another one retired. So, I would still love to see a few more snow spotters join our team, just drop me an email at if you would like to help out!




Snow Reports from Friday and Saturday's Snowstorm
(Updated on Sunday, Feb 4 at 1044 AM)


This snow event lasted two full days, delivering a one-two punch to the greater Crestone area. Here are the updated reports from the last 2 days: Starting off from our official NWS Crestone/Baca Weather Station, located in Chalet 1, one block south of the Baca Fire station, elevation 8,085 feet: 13.6", with melted down snow/liquid at 1.09", and with a snowpack of 11,1"; next, from the highest residential location in Chalet 1, at 8,600 ft: 16.0"; next, also from Chalet 1 on Arrowhead Way, around 8,200 ft: 8.7"; Plus one last report from Chalet 1, at Panorama Way and Chaparral, at 7,970ft:  8.5". Then out in the valley off T Road, at the Ranchettes, at 7,732ft: 6.0", with the liquid precip at 0.71"; and also out in the valley, 2 reports from the Grants: First, from Camino Real and Willow Trail at 7,681 ft: 5.0"; then at Brook Trout Rd, west of Wagon Wheel, at 7,800': 7.7". Then our last report, from near where Baca 2 and the Grants meet, off 2 Trees: 8", but this covers Saturday only.


Yes, most of the snow from this storm, as usual, missed the valley (especially outside of our area), while our foothills and mountains saw the most. The snow for this time of year was very unusual, as instead of our dry snow, we saw a wet snow fall instead (that's been the case for most of this snow season), and if you wonder why some areas not far away from each other saw different totals, it's because wet snow compacts faster than dry snow does, and if a spotter measures the snow a few hours later than another spotter nearby, the 2 will see different totals. Also, if a spotter uses a snow board to measure the snow on, the snow doesn't melt as fast on the snowboard as a reading taken on the ground does. So, it's no big deal (unless you're a official NWS observer like myself, then it is), but once in a while I do get emails in asking about this.


One last note: The official snowfall reading of 13.6 inches, makes for the most snow our area has seen in one storm in over 8 years, which is a long time indeed, and was well overdue. It was also the first snowfall in 2 years where more than 10.0" fell in one storm. Finally, this was the 9th heaviest snowfall for our area since 2002. You can see all of the 10.0 plus inch snowfalls at our Crestone Weather Records Page: here, just look under "Highest Snowstorm Totals", about halfway down the page.










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