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Public Information Statement


Record Precipitation in Crestone on Wednesday

(Statement made at 548 am on March 14, 2019, by Keno)


The Crestone/Baca saw both record precipitation and snowfall on Wednesday, March 13, breaking the old precip record for the date with 0.21", the old record was .06" set in 2008. This was the second day in a row breaking the daily precip record, as the 1.32" that fell on Tuesday shattered the old record for that date of .18", which had been set in 1999. Although the area didn't see a lot of snow fall, the 2.7" that did accumulate was also a new record for March 13, breaking the old date's mark of 0.4", also set in '08.


Latest Drought Info
(Statement made March 7, 2019, from the NWS)