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Crestone Zoom Cam - Live Streaming Tour... This cam shows and covers about 270 degrees of the Crestone area mountains, including all or a part of the following: The northern Sangre De Cristo Mountains, parts of the San Juan Mountains, a small part of The Collegiate Peaks, the Saguache area, the Poncha Pass area, and parts of the northern San Luis Valley.

Here is a listing of some of the mountain peak's (with their heights listed), that you can see (weather permitting). The tour starts at its most southern part and then heads north northwest, ending just south of the Sagauche area*:

Blanca Peak (14,351 feet/4,375 meters) - The third highest mountain peak in Colorado, located just south of Crestone (The tour starts-up looking at this peak*)
Mount Herard (13,345 feet/4,068 meters) - South southeast of town, to the north of Blanca Peak.
Milwaukee Peak (13,522 feet/4,122 meters) - Located just southeast of Crestone; our cam shows a part of it.
Cottonwood Peak (13,588 feet/4,142 meters) -  Southeast of Crestone; sometimes is shown.
Crestone Needles (14,197 feet/4,327 meters) - East southeast of Crestone; our cam shows most of it.
Crestone Peak (14,295 feet/4,357 meters) - The sixth highest peak in Colorado, located just southeast of Crestone; our cam shows a part of it.
Columbia Point (14,074 feet/4,290 meters) - Located 5 miles east of Crestone, its peak is found on one of our main mountains sitting next to town.
Challenger Point (14,087 feet/4,292 meters) - Also located 5 miles east of Crestone and just to the north of Columbia Point.
Mount Crestone (14,171 feet/4,319 meters) - Know officially as "Kit Carson Mountain" - but locals refuse to call it that after a federal goverment mapper changed its name by mistake back in 1906; fka Crestone Peak, its original name. Located directly east of Crestone and the mountain that town was named after, as it's one of Crestone's main mountains.
Mount Adams (13,931 feet/4,246 meters) - Also located directly east of Crestone and another main mountain next to our town.
Commanche Peak (13,277 feet/4,047 meters) - Located just to the north of town, yet another one of Crestone's main mountains.
Venable Peak (13,334 feet/4,064 meters) - North of Crestone and just north of Commanche Peak, a small part of it is shown on our cam.
Mount Oury (13,971 feet/4,258 meters) - Northwest of Crestone (across the valley), in the San Juan Mountains, the top of it's peak is always shown (weather permitting, of course).
Chipita Peak (12,856 feet/3,919 meters) - Northwest of Crestone and directly across from Mt Oury (to its south) in the San Juans.
Also shown (just before Mount Ouray) : Some of the 14,000+ foot high Collegiate Peaks, which are located to the far north northwest of Crestone, an hour's plus drive away from town. The Collegiate Peaks are the highest mountain chain in Colorado and the Rockies, The view from our cam shows parts of Mt Elbert (14,441 feet/4,402 meters) - the highest mountain peak in Colorado, Mount Yale (14,199 feet/4,328 meters), Mount Massive (14,429 feet/4,398 meters), and Harvard Peak (14,421 feet/4,396 meters). These peaks are shown behind and above where Poncha Pass is seen, where the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and San Juan Mountains meet, with the San Juan Mountains meeting The Collegiate Peaks just to the north northwest of there, near where Monarch Pass is located.
The San Luis Valley
is the largest and highest alpine valley in the world, and is on average 7,764 feet/2,367 meters above seal level.

Where it's noted above, about where the tour starts and ends - that's means for the entire tour itself. But since our cam is always running, it will start for you wherever the tour is at when you join it. But no worry, you will still see the entire tour as long as you stay with it. The full tour takes just over 12 minutes to see, and it's worth every minute!


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