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Curecanti National Recreation Area
Blue Mesa, Colorado

Curecanti National Recreation Area is located on the Gunnison River in western Colorado and contains three reservoirs, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Morrow Point Reservoir and Crystal Reservoir. Created by the construction of Blue Mesa Dam in 1966, Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado's largest body of water. Curecanti is a popular destination for boating and fishing, and is also a popular area for ice-fishing in the winter months.

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(Note 2: A few of the cams on this page have been down a long time, thanks to both CDOT and the NPS. When it comes to maintaining their (our) cams, one goverment agency is worst than the other)

For some insane reason, CDOT has taken down these first 2 important cams - our tax dollars at work!... NOT!

By Blue Mesa Reservoir -  U.S. Hwy 50 - looking east
(from CDOT)

Cam removed by CDOT, tell them to please put this cam back up!

Blue Mesa Reservoir -  U.S. Hwy 50 - looking west
(from CDOT)

US 50 EB : 0.8 miles E of Reservoir: Looking East (from CDOT)

US-50: 0.7 mi W of CR-66: Looking East (from CDOT)

Hermits Rest Picnic Area, west of Blue Mesa Reservoir, looking east  (from CDOT)

US-50 EB: 0.7 miles W of CR 66 LiveView: Looking East (from CDOT)

This link will take you outside of
Blue Mesa Reservoir - Elk Creek Marina
National Park Service)

This link will take you outside of
Blue Mesa Reservoir- Lake Fork

(from National Park Service)


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