Blue and Lonesome

Released - December 2, 2016, Polydor Records. Produced by The Glimmer Twins. and Don Was


Mick Jagger - Vocals; Harmonica
Keith Richards - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Charlie Watts - Drums
Ron Wood - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Additional Personnel:

Darryl Jones – Bass
Matt Clifford – Keyboards
Chuck Leavell – Keyboards
Eric Clapton – Slide Guitar on "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing" and Lead Guitar on "I Can't Quit You Baby"
Jim Keltner – Percussion on "Hoo Doo Blues"

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Just Your Fool   8.4  7.4
Commit a Crime   6.9 7.0
Blue and Lonesome   7.6  7.1
All of Your Love   7.2  7.1
I Gotta Go   7.7 7.1
Everybody Knows About My Good Thing   9.1  8.4
Ride 'Em On Down   8.1  7.5
Hate to See You Go   7.5  7.2
Hoo Doo Blues   7.2  7.0
Little Rain   7.4  7.0
Just Like I Treat You   8.2  7.7
I Can't Quit You Baby   8.3  7.4
Ave.   7.8  7.33


The Stones late founder, Brian Jones, who wanted the Rolling Stones to be a Blues band, for sure would have been very pleased with his former band mates if he could have just heard this one. Yes indeed, a 100% blues album from the Stones - and a 100% cover album from the band to boot!

As a lover of the Blues myself, there wasn't any way I wasn't going to enjoying this LP, and sure indeed, I loved this one the very first time that I heard it. Still, there were a few things missing here. First, this is a fast blues album, when in the past the Stones always played slow blues whenever they tackled the genre (think “Love in Vain”, or “No Expectations”, etc., sadly, there's nothing like that anywhere on here); unless they were taking an old blues number like “I Just Want to Make Love to You" and turned it around into a rock song. But that isn’t what they were doing on this album. Perhaps because they didn’t plan on making this blues album in the first place, is why it turned out to be so damn fast paced?

About the only thing missing on this excellent Blues LP is a lot of slide guitar, yet something else that the Stones always used a lot of whenever in the past they wrote or covered a blues song. Ronnie Wood is one fine slide player, so why didn’t he play any real slide on here? There’s only a bit of that on this album, thanks to the guest appearance of Eric Clapton. But gosh, how many old Stones fans thought to themselves, boy, this great album would have sounded even better if former Stone Mick Taylor had repaid them a visit on here with some of his great slide playing?

With that all noted, one thing that we are used to hearing on most Stones blues songs, is Mick Jagger’s clean and wonderful harp playing, and yes, be blows harp on all but one song on this LP, and his harp helps to make you forget about the lack of any true slide guitar being heard.

As far as the songs on here go, the album opens up with one of its best songs, “Just Your Fool”. Talk about a very clean song, with pure, wonderful blues, from start to finish on this one! The best song on the LP is its sixth cut, “Everybody Knows about My Good Thing”, featuring Jagger’s best vocal output on the album.

But really, there isn’t a weak track on here; every song has its strong point for an album that wasn’t even planned. The band went into the studio with newly written Jagger/Richards rock songs to record, and during a break on the first day, Mick started to sing what would be the LPs title cut, and they just kept going in that one direction after that. The new rock songs that they actually wrote for what became this album’s sessions, will now have to just wait for another day to come around.

I don’t rate any song on here a ten, but the sum of all of these songs still lands the LP in my Stones Top 10 album list anyway, Overall, if you love blues music, or just love the Stones, you will enjoy this album!

- Keno, April, 2017

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