Hoo Doo Blues

Recorded in December, 2015... Released December 2, 2016 on the album Blue and Lonesome.
Lead Vocals and Harmonica:
Mick Jagger Guitars: Keith Richards and Ron Wood Drums: Charlie Watts Bass: Darryl Jones Percussion: Jim Keltner Pianos: Chuck Leavell and Matt Clifford

Hoo Doo Blues
(Otis Hicks and Jerry West)

Now, when your woman start actin' funny, and run aroun'
You better get you somebody, put her down
Let her go, just as quick as you can
You know that hoodoo girl is going to hoodoo the hoodoo man

You know my woman got me on a wonder at somethin' I can't understan'
Now I look at her runnin' with some other man
After all I did everything in the world I can
You know the hoodoo girl, she done hoodoo the hoodoo man

She take all my money and spend it all over town
And she ain't can be foun'
Now I walk and cry, dryin' tears away with my hand
You know that little hoodoo girl, people, she done hoodoo the hoodoo man

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