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* *Please note that we are not accepting reviews of any greatest hits albums at this time, and because of the over whelming response to the following albums: It's Only Rock n Roll, Tattoo You Beggar's Banquet, Exile On Main Street, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Some Girls, Satanic Majesties, Bridges to Babylon, Black & Blue, Dirty Work, Aftermath, Between the Buttons, Steel Wheels and Goat's Head Soup, where for several years we stopped taking reviews for these LPs, we are now once again temporary accepting them (other than the Exile album). The goal now is to see at least 20 reviews for each album. But please understand that there are several of the older albums (not listed above) that only have a few reviews and we are still looking to see new reviews aimed towards them. Also, we are now taking reviews for the new album, Blue and Lonesome, too.

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