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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Polls for the week starting Monday, Sept 9
Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Time: 2:24:34 AM
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RE: RE: Polls for the week starting Monday, Sept 9

Max wrote:

I had to laugh when I saw there were 51 votes for GHS over SF at this point. It has to be people jacking around. SF is their best along with Exile, GHS is ok but is not worthy of holding SF's jock strap.

We've talked about this before as you know, for years we talked about this, and with this being the last week of the album VS poll, guess it will be for the last time we talk about it... But I'm certain most if not all of those votes are for real and not just people joking around. Just because we love SF doesn't mean all Stones fans do, and then you add in non Stones fans who vote and well, you get the results we are seeing. Should SF win in a major landslide? Yes, it should - and it's winning in a major landslide at the moment.... so it will end up winning by such a margin. But there are still fans - believe it or not, that like GHS better... Plus you made your comment about Exile which I like to use as a perfect example. You and most Stones fans think it's a masterpiece while other hard nosed Stones fans - including myself, don't agree with this line of thinking. For me (as you already know) it's their second most overrated LP and not only would I vote for GHS over it (and did years ago when we voted on these 2), there are another 12 Stones LPs that I like better and voted for over Exile in past polls. Back then when I did that - well each time my vote wasn't ever a joke, and to say others votes is here, isn't fair, since while I agree that SF is their greatest LP ever, and one of the all-time best Rock LPs ever made... most Rock fans would disagree with me on this. So I'm willing to bet that nobody is jacking around with the vote, and BTW, I keep the spam filter for the polls on high, too. Although people just messing around with their vote verses people who spam the vote, are 2 totally different things, and while the spammers get caught 99% of the time when they try to spam the vote here (and they get banned forever from voting here again, and that rarely ever happens anyway), the ones who are "jacking around" with their vote, will get away with that every time, as long as they don't spam.

In the other polls, the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" got my vote, and IMO, it's the best cover song ever made in Rock music.... Cocker's live performance got a 10 from me, and like you, I went with the Beatles U.S. cover too. It's funny how of right now, that Fab poll is going the same exact way as last week's album cover question for the other movie LP went, too, as the vote it couldn't be any closer.... and for that matter, ditto for the video poll, too!

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