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Cuchara Pass, Colorado/La Veta, Colorado 

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Cuchara Pass (aka Cucharas Pass) is a 9,995 ft (3,031 m) elevation mountain pass in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in south central Colorado.  State Highway 12 (aka the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway) traverses the pass.  The region gets its name from the spoon-like shape of the valley, with "cuchara" being the Spanish word for "spoon.". It's located west of the Spanish Peaks.

The Town of La Veta is also in Huerfano County, Colorado. The town population was 800 and falling as of the 2010 U. S. Census.



- First web cam from Cuchara Pass - 

2.4 mi E of Cuchara Pass Summit
(Cam from Cdot)


Abeyta Creek, north of Cuchara Pass on Hwy 160
(Cam from Cdot)


- Next, 2 web cams from La Veta -

Hwy 12, looking south towards Cuchara and Spanish Peaks,  La Veta, Co
(from the La Veta Weather station)


CO-12,  4.4 mi South of La Veta, Co
(Looking north, from CDOT)



- Cuchara, Co Map -

- La Veta, Co Map -


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