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Plastic Ono Band

Released - December 11, 1970, on Apple Records. Produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Phil Spector

John Lennon - Vocals, Pianos, Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Additional Personnel:

Klas Voormann - Bass
Ringo Starr - Drums
Billy Preston - Organ
Allen White - Drums

All songs written by John Lennon

(Click on song for lyrics and song personnel)

Mother    10.0
Hold On      9.1
I Found Out      7.8
Working Class Hero      9.2
Isolation      7.0
Remember      6.5
Love      6.5
Well Well Well      7.7
Look At Me      6.4
God    10.0
My Mummy's Dead Unrated
Average     8.02


A very simple album and recorded to be that way. John plays all the guitars on this album and most of the keyboards. "God" receives a ten rating more for the message he sends out to everyone - don't believe in everything that you are told to, don't believe that anything is more important to you than your own life, and don't be a follower in life, follow your own inner light! A very Zen like message, if anything! "Working Class Hero" is another song on here that sends out a similar message using a "in your face" way of delivering the message.

The best song on this one is "Mother," a haunting tune recorded about his parents, who both abandoned him as a child. Most of the other songs are very even and all flow together well. No, it may not be his greatest album, but no bad throwaway songs on this one either. A very good album to listen to if your in a mellow mood.

-Keno 1999

To listen to some soundclips from Plastic Ono Band or to purchase it, click on: Plastic Ono Band

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