Live at Florences

Released in 1981 by JSP Records, England... Recorded at Florences Lounge, Chicago, Ill, USA, in 1969  

Hound Dog Taylor - Guitar, Vocals
Brewer Phillips - Guitar
Ted Harvey - Drums


Side 1
I Held My Baby Last Night
You Can't Sit Down
Hound Dog's Blues
Side 2
Coming 'round the Mountain
Rock Me
Florence's Shuffle
Juke Joint Boogie
Goodnight Boogie

Vinyl Album Notes
by C.Drews  

All tracks except "Held My Baby Last Night", are instrumentals..... Overall sound quality is good, except the vocals on "Held My Baby Last Night" sound muffled (the mic plugged into the guitar amp perhaps?... This might explain why they released the instrumental jams and no further vocal tracks).... Album is credited to only Hound Dog Taylor (omitting the Houserockers)...... In comparison with Beware of the Dog, this one is far more slowed-down and loose, a rather sloppy affair..... According to Keno's rating scale, I would give it a 6.5 for the music, but a 8.0 for mood and performance (crowd noise and Hound Dog's short spoken replies!) .....There is no credit given to who produced/recorded/mixed the album (it doesn't sound like it was mixed at all)...  There are some liner notes which tell some history and background, but that seems to be made up of info already available from the Alligator releases.

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