Below is a list of common file formats.
ACE ACE Archiver compression file.
AIF Audio Interchange File used with SGI and Macintosh applications.
ANI Animated cursors used in Microsoft Windows.
API Application Program Interface.
ART Clipart.
ASC ASCII text file.
ASM Assembler code.
ASP Microsoft Active Server Page.
AVI Audio/Video Interleaved used for Windows based movies.
BAK Backup Files
BAS  Basic programming language sourcecode.
BAT MS-DOS batch file.
BFC  Briefcase document used in Windows.
BIN  Binary File.
BIN MacBinary-encoded files.
BMP Bitmap format.
BUD  Backup Disk for Quicken by Intuit.
BZ2 Bzip2-compressed files.
C source file.
CAT Security Catalog file.
CBL Cobol code.
CBT Computer Based Training.
CDA Compact Disc Audio Track.
CDT Corel Draw Template file.
CFML  ColdFusion Markup Language.
CGI Common Gateway Interface. Web based programs and scripts.
CHM Compiled HTML Help files used by Windows.
CLASS Java-scriptClass file.
CLP Windows Clipboard file.
CMD DOS Command File.
COM  Command File.
CPL Control panel item - The settings in Control Panels represent
CPL Files in the Windows\System folder.
CPP C++ programming language source code.
CSS Cascading Style Sheet. Creates a common style reference for a set of web pages.
CSV Comma Separated Values format.
CMF Corel Metafile.
CUR Cursor in Microsoft Windows.
DAO Registry Backup file for Windows registry.
DAT Data file.
DD Compressed Archive by Macintosh DiskDoubler.
DEB Debian packages.
DEV Device Driver.
DIC Dictionary file.
DIR Macromedia Director file.
DLL Dynamic Linked Library. Microsoft application file.
DOC Document format for Word Perfect and Microsoft Word.
DOT Microsoft Word Template.
DRV Device Driver.
DS TWAIN Data source file.
DUN Dial-up networking configuration file.
DWG Autocad drawing.
DXF Autocad drawing exchange format file.
EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile.
EML Microsoft Outlook e-mail file.
EPS Encapsulated PostScript supported by most graphics programs.
EPS2 Adobe PostScript Level II Encapsulated Postscript.
EXE DOS based executable file which is also known as a program.
FFL Microsoft Fast Find file.
FFO Microsoft Fast Find file.
FLA Macromedia Flash movie format.
FNT Font file.
GIF Graphics Interchange Format that supports animation. Created by CompuServe and used primarily for web use.
GID Windows global index. Contains the index information used by "Help" in Windows.
GRP Microsoft Program Manager Group
GZ Unix compressed file.
HEX Macintosh binary hex(binhex) file.
HLP Standard help file.
HT HyperTerminal files
HQX Macintosh binary hex(binhex) file.
HTM Hyper Text Markup. This markup language is used for web design.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language. This markup language is used for web design.
ICL Icon Library File.
ICM Image Color Matching profile.
ICO Microsoft icon image.
INF Information file used in Windows.
JAR Java Archive. A compressed java file format.
JPE Extension for JPEG file described below.
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group, supported by most graphics programs and used predominantly for web use.
JPG More common extension for JPEG described above.
JS Java-scriptFile - A text file containing java-scriptprogramming code.
LAB Microsoft Excel mailing labels.
LGO Windows 9x startup logo.
LIT eBooks in Microsoft Reader format.
LNK Windows 9x shortcut file.
LOG Application log file.
LSP Autocad(visual) lisp program.
MAQ Microsoft Access Query.
MAR Microsoft Access Report.
MDB Microsoft Access DataBase File.
MDL Rose model file. Opens with Visual Modeler or Rational Rose.
MID MIDI music file.
MOD Microsoft Windows 9.x kernel module.
MOV Quicktime movie.
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3.
MPEG Animation file format.
MPP Microsoft Project File.
MSG Microsoft Outlook message file.
MSG Fidonet messages.
NCF Netware command File.
NLM Netware loadable Module.
O Object file, used by linkers.
OCX ActiveX Control: A component of the Windows environment.
OGG Ogg Vorbis digitally encoded music file
OST Microsoft Exchange/Outlook offline file.
PAK WAD file that contains information about levels, settings, maps, etc for Quake and Doom.
PCL Printer Control Language file. PCL is a Page Description Language developed by HP.
PCT Macintosh drawing format.
PDF Portable Document File by Adobe. Viewable in a web browser or with Adobe Acrobat.
PDF Printer Description File. Provides printer support for certain applications.
PDR Port driver for windows 95. It is actually a virtual device driver (vxd).
PHP Web page that contains a PHP script.
PHTML  Web page that contains a PHP script.
PICT  Format is widely used in graphics and page layout programs. Compression significantly decreases file sizes.
PIF Program Information File
PIF Vector graphics GDF file(IBM Mainframe)
PIF Macintosh Compressed archive
PL Perl source code file.
PM Perl Module.
PM3 PageMaker 3.0 document.
PM4 PageMaker 4.0 document.
PM5 PageMaker 5.0 document.
PM6 PageMaker 6.0 document.
PNG Portable Network Graphic file.
POL System Policy file for Windows NT.
POT Microsoft PowerPoint design template
PPD PostScript Printer description file used in operating systems to provide printer specific features to a driver.
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint presentation(default extension).
PRN A print file created as the result of "printing to file".
PS PostScript file.
PSD Native Adobe Photoshop format.
PSP Paint Shop Pro image.
PST Personal Folder File for Microsoft Outlook.
PUB Microsoft Publisher document
PWL Windows Password list file.
QIF Quicken Import file.
RAM RealAudio Metafile.
RAR RAR compressed archive created by Eugene Roshall.
RAW Raw File Format.
RDO Raster Document Object. Proprietary file type used on Xerox Digipath Scan and Makeready workstations.
REG Registry file that contains registry settings.
RM RealAudio video file.
RPM RedHat Package Manager.
RSC Standard resource file
RTF Rich Text Format.
SCR Screen Saver file.
SEA Self-extracting archive for Macintosh Stuffit files.
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language.
SH Unix shell script.
SHTML HTML file that supports Server Side Includes(SSI).
SIT Compressed Macintosh Stuffit files.
SMD SEGA mega drive ROM file.
SVG  Adobe scalable vector graphics file.
SWF  Shockwave Flash file by Macromedia.
SWP DOS swap file.
SYS Windows system file used for hardware configuration or drivers.
TAR Unix Tape Archive.
TGA Targa bitmap.
TIFF Tagged Image File Format. Universal graphics format supported by most graphics applications.
TMP Windows temporary file.
TTF True Type font.
TXT Text Format.
UDF Uniqueness Definition File. Used for Windows unattended installations.
UUE UU-encoded file.
VBX Microsoft Visual basic extension.
VM Virtual Memory file.
VXD Windows 9x virtual device driver.
WAV Waveform sound file.
WMF Windows Metafile (graphics format).
WRI Write Document: This is equivalent to RTF, Rich Text Format
WSZ Winamp Skin.
XCF The GIMP's native image format.
XIF Wang imaging file.
XIF Xerox Image file (same as TIFF).
XIF Image file eXtended by ScanSoft is similar to TIFF and is a Pagis application format.
XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
XLT Microsoft Excel Template.
XML Extensible markup language.
XSL XML style sheet.
ZIP Compressed Zip archive

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Some more web files/extensions/attachments

.ade Microsoft Access project extension
.adp Microsoft Access project
.bas Microsoft Visual Basic class module
.chm Compiled HTML Help file
.cmd Microsoft Windows NT Command Script
.com Microsoft MS-DOS program
.cpl Control Panel extension
.crt Security certificate
.hta HTML program
.ins Internet Naming Service
.jse Jscript Encoded Script file
.mde Microsoft Access MDE database
.mdz  Microsoft Access wizard program
.msc  Microsoft Common Console Document
.msi  Microsoft Windows Installer package
.msp  Windows Installer patch
.mst  Visual Test source files
.pcd  Photo CD image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
.pif  Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.sct  Windows Script Component
.shs  Shell Scrap Object
.url  Uniform Resource Locator - An Internet shortcut, aka web address
.vb  VBScript file
.vbe  VBScript Encoded Script file
.wsc  Windows Script Component
.wsf  Windows Script file
.wsh  Windows Script Host Settings file


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