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Released - 1982, Alligator Records. Produced by Bruce Iglauer and Wesley Race

Hound Dog Taylor - Guitars and Vocals

Brewer Phillips - Guitars, Vocal on Kansas City
Ted Harvey - Drums

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SONG                                                                   RATING

Ain't Got Nobody (Taylor) 7.8
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (Taylor) 6.0
Fender Bender (Philips) 7.0
My Baby's Coming Home (Taylor/Eatmon) 6.6
Blue Guitar (Taylor) 7.2
The Sun Is Shining (James) 6.7
Philips Goes Bananas (Philips) 7.2
What'd I Say (Charles) 6.8
Kansas City (Leiber/Stoller) 6.5
Crossroads (Traditional) 7.0
Average 6.97

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The last release of studio work recorded by Hound Dog Taylor. Recorded in June of 1971 and September of '73. What you have here is a compilation of left over songs that were not meant to be released. But with so little studio work out there by the Dog, you can not be anything less than grateful that it was. I could imagine if Hound Dog had lived and released many more albums, then Genuine Houserocking Music would not have happened. Years later the songs found here would have surfaced, and us Hound Dog fans would be calling it one great boot! But whenever songs are officially released I think we tend to look upon them differently. So is the case with this album. Lots of the music you hear here would end up on other songs. "Gonna Send You Back To Georgia" has the same music as the Dog's classic "Give Me Back My Wig". You also will find a second take of his cover of Elmore James' 'The Sun Is Shining", this time he plays it a lot slower. The best song on Genuine Houserocking Music is it's first, "Ain't Got Nobody", which starts off the album with one wonderful explosion of a guitar riff, like only Hound Dog could do.

Overall, as far as posthumously releases go, this one is not bad at all. There is a bit of good in every song. If you have never owned a Hound Dog Taylor album, this isn't the one to start with. Try any of this others first.  But if you dig the Dog and heard the rest, then this one is a must!

-- Keno

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