Hound Dog Taylor


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TOP PHOTO - Hound Dog Taylor by John Rockwood.

HOME PAGE PHOTOS - Top photo of Hound Dog from Beware Of The Dog by Alligator Records; Hound Dog at Ann Arbor, 1972 by Leni Singlaire; The HouseRockers by Alligator Records; Hound Dog live by David S. Melhado.

BIOGRAPHY - Hound Dog Taylor by Alligator Records.

BRUCE"S NOTES - Brewer Phillips by Marc Dashevsky; Ted Harvey by Jeff Nield; Hound Dog by Alligator Records

LYRICS - Hound Dog live by Marc PoKempner; Hound Dog in car, unknown.

PHOTO GALLERY - Hound Dog w/Muddy Waters by Douglas J. Fulton; Hound Dog at Ann Arbor, 1970 by Marc Dashevsky; Hound Dog w/ dog by Peter Amft; Hound Dog w/ Wes Race and family by Betty Race; Beware Of Dog by Alligator Records; Ted Harvey by Alligator Records; Brewer Phillips by Alligator Records; Hound Dog's grave stone by David M. Habben; Bruce Iglauger, Hound Dog & friends by Andre Hobus.... Paintings 1 and 2 by Alan Kinsey, Highway Child by Stephen Harris



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Special Thanks to the following folks:  Bruce Iglauer for his help in deciphering a few song lyrics that stumped me. Also for the time he took to answer all of my questions and his help in finding some old photos for the site; All those who allowed me to use their photos and paintings on the site; and a big Thank You to Hound Dog Taylor for leaving us his great blues slide guitar sound that we will never grow tried of!

- Keno