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November 24-25, 2013 Snowstorm


A record snowfall hit the Crestone/Baca area on Sunday night, November 24 and lasted into the early morning hours of the next day. Snowfall rates of between 3 and 4 inches an hour were seen for the first 4 hours of the storm, which then dropped off to around 1 to 2 inches an hour by early in the morning the next day. Total snowfall for the storm at our weather station (in Baca 1) was 25.4 inches.

Other snowfall reports from locals ranged anywhere from 12 to 20 inches at Casita Park, 14 to 22 inches out in the Grants, and from 22 up to 33 inches in Chalet 2. Thanks to everybody who sent in photos from this storm! There were too many photos sent in to place on the Crestone Weather Photo Page, so here they are on this special page. The first 3 photos were taken on the night of the storm, the rest on the following day.



Chalet 1 near Baca Grant Way and Camino Baca Grande
Taken around 11pm the night of the storm

(Photo taken by Trevor Hollyer)

Tara Gonpa, near the Ziggurat
Taken at night as the storm was on-going
(This photo and the next one taken by Tenzin Yeshe)



Tara Gonpa, near the Ziggurat
When the storm ended, 22" had fallen at this location

In the Grants, by Wagon Wheel Road
There's a car under all that snow!
(Photo taken by Bob Herman)



Sagauche County Road 66T
Just east of Sanisabel creek out in the valley.
(Photo taken by Curtis Goodnight)

Chalet 2
Martin Macaulay took this picture of his snow guage



Baca Grant Way and Camino Baca Grande Roads
Morning after the storm hit, 25 plus inches on the ground
(This photo and the next 2 taken by Keno)

Looking up Baca Grant Way
In Baca 1 near Baca firehouse



Snowly deck in Baca 1
As morning breaks and the storm has ended

Over 30" in Chalet 2
(Photo taken by Neill Smith)


Snowbound car in the Grants
Ryan Wiedemann barely gets his car door to open

About 14" in the SW end of the Grants
(This photo, the one on the left, and the next photo taken by Joleen Borgerding)



Sunrise on the morning after the Storm
This house is in the Grants

Chalet 1 at Badger Road near, the stables
That table is 30 inches high, so a good 2 feet of snow fell here
(Photo taken by Carol Miles)



Brooktrout Trail
Yet another buried car!

(This photo and the next one by Philip Tarlow)

Anyone got a shovel?
Looking out front door off Wagon Wheel Rd



Bear the malamute gets ready for some fun.....
(This and the next photo by Tenzin Yeshe, taken in the Grants)

.....Onward Bear!
 Pulling a shed with food to get to the chickens and goats at feeding time



Walkway of home off Camino Real
24"on the ground here
(Photo taken by Noreen McCracken)

Samten Ling Retreat Center
 23 to 32" was measured here, 1 mile from the end of Summit View Way
(Photo taken by Kelly Smith)



Walkway east of Camino Baca Grande in Chalet I
(Photo taken by Kathleen Willow)

Willow Creek Way
 You think the Silk is frozen solid yet?
(Photo taken by Joyce Peterson)





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