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- More Photos from July 3, 2006 Flash Flood -

I took a total of more than 100 photos from this flash flood that hit - mainly shot around my home. Included were pictures of the damage to my property, my family checking it all out, and the clean-up that followed. About a third of those photos were taken of the damage to a 3 block area around my home - still way to many to show here, as I do have limits to my server space. So below, in addition to the photos of the flood shown on the main weather photos page, here are a handful more:


Camino Baca Grande Rd (main road in the Baca) - shortly after the storm hit

Panorama_Way_flood_10.JPG (32149 bytes)
Panorama Way - looking east from Camino Baca Grande Rd

Panorama_Way_flood_14.JPG (32247 bytes)
Damage to front of home on Panorama Way

Panorama_Way_flood_6.JPG (29914 bytes)
Panorama Way - another photo looking east

Panorama_Way_South.JPG (24113 bytes)
Panorama Way South - looking west from Camino Baca Grande Rd

flash_flood_front_yard.JPG (36274 bytes)
- Flash Flood as it took place -
No, this is not a creek, but our front yard, a foot from our deck and front door.

Cooper_Baca_Grant_Way_4.JPG (21171 bytes)
My grandson Cooper checking out hole on Baca Grant Way

cooper_backyard.JPG (54275 bytes)
Grandson Cooper in yet another flood created hole
This one is in our backyard, Coop was a muddy mess by day's end


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