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Easter Sunday Snowstorm, April 12, 2009

On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009, Crestone, Colorado had one big and very much isolated snowstorm. The heavy snows fell mainly in the northern part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and in the connected foothills on its western slope, but only from about Valley View Hot Springs south to about the Crestone area. The Great Sand Dunes National Park, located just south of Crestone, also got heavy snow, but not anywhere as much as the 26.8" which I recorded at the Crestone Weather Station. In the middle of the San Luis Valley, below Crestone, about 6" fell on average, and on the western edge of the valley by the San Juan Mountains, only about 2" were reported. You can check out snow reports of the storm here, taken by locals as the snow was falling.

I had many photos sent in to me - too many for the Crestone Weather Photo Page, so I'm placing them on here. Thanks to everybody who sent in photos of the storm! The first five photos were taken by me, the rest are credited to those who sent them in...... Keno

view_of_valey.JPG (18461 bytes)
The top of Baca Grant Way looking down on the valley
Taken after the storm was mainly over

front_yard.JPG (22610 bytes)
Front Yard of my home in Chalet 1
Taken as the storm was on-going


Sundown_Overlook.JPG (14025 bytes)
Foot traffic only on Sundown Overlook
The snow is more than knee deep on this street

street_signs.JPG (19903 bytes)
Another half foot & these signs would have disappeared
Next street up from Sundown Overlook, after the storm ended


sunroom.jpg (17199 bytes)
Big chunk of snow about to slide from roof
Taken in our sunroom, w/ Cheezy the cat lookin' out (can you spot him?)

Henry_the_cat.jpg (13925 bytes)
I don't think I'll go out just now!
Another smart cat, Henry, stays put inside!
(This photo sent in by Sherry Black)

Next 5 photos below taken by Amanda Woodward

snow_table.JPG (13511 bytes)
16.5 inches of snow on this table, halfway thru the storm
9:15am view by Ridgeview & Moonlight in Chalet I

yard_stick.JPG (7190 bytes)

A bit past 22" at this point
Also taken by Ridgeview & Moonlight in Chalet I


John_Marisol.JPG (26705 bytes)
John & Marisol Tembrock in the snow
Taken near Ridgeview & Moonlight, after the storm ended

Amanda_Marisol.JPG (26283 bytes)

Now Marisol takes off with mom, Amanda Woodward
A bit of cross-country sking is in order after the storm ends,  in Chalet 1.


john_aleena.JPG (34003 bytes)

John & Aleena Tembrock look lost in all the snow
But they know where they are, by Ridgeview & Moonlight

bob.jpg (10099 bytes)
A chair buried in the snow
Off Wagon Wheel Road in the Grants (photo by Bob Herman)

Next 3 photos taken by Betsi Sites

trees_1.jpg (26072 bytes)
No real wind w/ this storm, so the trees had a heavy load!
Taken on Willow Creek Way, Chalet 1

shead_2.jpg (17879 bytes)

I think this is a buried shed?
Well, it's a burried something! Also on Willow Creek Way


window_view.jpg (17409 bytes)
Cool view from inside looking out
Willow Creek Way, Chalet 1

vvhs_1.jpg (37534 bytes)

Campground at Valley View Hot Springs
Taken while the storm was on-going
(Photo by John Lorenz)



CeCe_Rocky.JPG (13127 bytes)
Ce Ce & Rocky Hedstrom make a snowfort
On Sentinel Point Overlook, off Lone Pine Way
(Photo taken by Krissy Hedstrom)

ginger_kis.JPG (14807 bytes)
Ginger and Krissy Hedstrom head out to ski
On Sentinel Point Overlook, off Lone Pine Way
(Photo taken by Rocky Hedstrom)


window_view2.jpg (10181 bytes)
Lookin' out at the deck, 18" at this point
South of Spanish Creek off Wagon Wheel

car_in_sn.jpg (12254 bytes)

Car becoming buried in snow

Brooktrout Trail off Wagon Wheel
(This photo and the one to the left taken by Philip Tarlow)


car_in_sn_2.jpg (16811 bytes)

Another car half buried in snow
Enchanted Terrace in Chalet 2
(Photo by Martin Macaulay)

Snowy_door.JPG (21695 bytes)
Snowy door and wall (18" at this point)
Serene Way & Camino Baca Grande, Chalet 2
(Photo by Dr. Rachelle Chaikin)


waylon_2.jpg (73059 bytes)
Waylon Jepsen gets ready to tape measure the snow
At Cotton Creek, 3 miles south of Valley View Hot Springs

ella.jpg (12739 bytes)
Ella Jepsen and the Easter (Snow) Bunny
Also at Cotton Creek

The two above photos and the one below on the right, taken by Jason Jepsen

lots_of_sn.jpg (12218 bytes)
2 feet of beautiful snow!
Near Pyramid Point @ 9000 feet, just above Crestone
(Photo by Kelly Smith)

buddy.jpg (24439 bytes)

Buddy the dog is almost hidden in 7" of snow
Cotton Creek, 3 miles south of Valley View Hot Springs

(Next two photo by Chester Wood)

car_sn_3.jpg.jpg (9841 bytes)
This car is going nowhere
On Panorama, in Chalet 1

snow_heater.jpg.jpg (14263 bytes)
Okay, lets melt this stuff!
Off Panorama, in Chalet 1


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