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Month Mean
Date Low
Date Heating
Date Dom
Jan 19.6 39.6 1/14 -6.1 1/1 1398 0 0.27 2 39 1/17 NE
Feb 25.7 48.6 2/29 -7.4 2/5 1132 0 0.21 4 42 2/3 ENE
March 37.8 58.0 3/31 15.4 3/29    835 0 0.44 5 44 3/13 ENE
April 44.4 76.1 4/29    9.4  4/14    614 0 0.04 6 41 4/4 ENE
May 55.7 84.0 5/29   27.4  5/8    282 1 0.70 5 47 5/20 ENE
June 62.6 87.4 6/5 29.4 6/9      85 22 1.30 4 50 6/6 ENE
July 66.7 92.6 7/10 38.3 7/1      15 74 1.43 3 46 7/24 ENE
Aug 67.4 90.6 8/24 42.9 8/30      22 98 0.75 3 44 8/22 ENE
Sept 56.8 88.0 9/6 23.1 9/9     277    0  1.03 3 41 9/8 ENE
Oct 47.8 77.5 10/7   3.7 10/27     525   0 0.62 3 44 10/25 ENE
Nov 34.1 62.2 11/5   8.5 11/11      918    0  0.70 3 46 11/6 ENE
Dec 19.5 47.9 12/8 -3.7 12/24     1406    0 0.63 2 36 12/13 NE
Totals 44.8 92.6 7/10 -7.4 2/5   7473 195 8.12 3.6 50 6/6 ENE

Above normal Below normal Normal
Temperatures recorded in degrees Fahrenheit. Wind Speed recorded in MPH.
Precipitation recorded in inches. Heating/Cooling degree base: 65.0.

Crestone Weather Notes For 2020


A new record low temperature for the date was reached on February 26, when the morning low was zero degrees. The old record was +5 degrees, set in 2018.


The first trace of rain for 2020 comes early for Crestone this year, on March 8, with the first measurable rain then seen less than a week later on March 13. The first 24 hour non freezing day of 2020 takes place next, on March 17. The last day before March 17, 2020 that Crestone saw a full day without freezing temps was on November 20, 2019.


While March ended up seeing above average temperatures, the high for the month was only 58 degrees, reached on the 31st, and that is the coolest high seen in Crestone in the month since March of 1992 when the high that year in March was only 54 degrees. Then on the other side of the coin, the low for the month of March this year was 15 degrees, and that reading is the second warmest low even seen in any March, with 16 degrees holding on to that record, which was set in 1999.


A record low temperature was set on April 14 when the thermometer dropped down to 9.4 degrees, breaking the old record low for the date of 10 degrees, set back in 2007.


The first thunderstorm of 2020 was seen on April 21, while the first hail storm of the year occurred on the next day, April 22.

The Crestone/Baca tied a record (for only the third time ever) for the lowest snowfall seen in the month of April, when only a trace of snow was recorded. April is normally the second snowiest month of the year. Plus, the second lowest monthly precipitation total ever recorded in April was also seen, when only 0.4 of an inch of precip fell in the month.


For May, another below average month for precipitation. Plus most days were very dry, with 15 days seeing humidity values below 10%.


A few records were broken in June. First, a record amount of precipitation for the date was set on the first when .40 of an inch of rain and hail was recorded between 2:50pm and 7:00pm. The old record for the date was .36 of an inch, set in 2009. The second record broken, was a record low high of 57 degrees, set on June 9, breaking the old record of 58 degrees, reached in 1992. Then a daily record snowfall for June 9 was set when 0.7 of an inch of snow fell, with this being only the fifth time since 1982 that snow has been reported in June in the greater Crestone-Baca area below 11,000 feet, and the first time snow fell in the month since 1999. One last note, in an event that took place just 3 days before the June snow, a hailstorm with mainly pea size hail hit at 3:15 PM on the 6th; after it was over, the temperature had dropped 26 degrees in just 10 minutes, along with up to 2 inches of hail on the ground.


Three weather records were set in July. First, a record low was reached on July 1 when the temp fell to 38 degrees, breaking the old record of 40 degrees, set in 2008. Then a record high was set on July 10, when the thermometer reached 91 degrees, tying the old mark first set in 2003. The third record breaker for July was reached on the 26th, when record rainfall for the date was reached when 0.76 of an inch fell in 4 hours time on Sunday night. That broke the old record for the date of 0.51 inches, set in 2007.


The top wind gust for August 26 was 31 mph, recorded at 5:02 PM. At the very same time on that day, a microburst hit downtown Crestone (1.5 miles to the north), with reports of 50 or 60 mph winds hitting over there at the same time.


August 2020, with an average temperature of 67.4 degrees, was the warmest August ever on record and saw 4 record high temperatures reached in the month.


After seeing 2 record high temperatures broken for two days in a row on September 5 (88 degrees) and 6 (87 degrees), a cold front came in to town with a snowstorm that broke 23 different weather records in just 4 days between September 8 and the 11th, including 9 new records reached on the 8th alone! Just too many records to name them all, but the most talked about was the much needed early snow that fell, adding up to 8.5" at the weather station in three days (with up to a foot reported at several other locations around town), making it the snowiest September ever on record and giving the area a much needed boost against the on-going drought.


Seven more weather records were broken in October, and all of them were for either high or low daily temperatures.


After many records were set in the 2 months prior, November was very quite, with no records set in the entire month. Then the same deal applied to the following month of December, while on the cold side, no records were broken.


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