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Jan 22.1 49.7 1/7 -8.9 1/23 1210   0 0.64 5 35 1/3 E
Feb 25.1 63.4 2/28 -9.0 2/11 1033   0 0.17 5 40 2/15 E
March 34.1 62.0 3/6 -1.1 3/14   954   0 0.87 6 42 3/15 SE
April 45.4 78.4 4/22 14.7 4/19   586   0 0.44 6 42 4/17 E
May 55.1 85.3 5/27 22.1 5/11   306   0 0.27 6 42 5/14 E
June 64.4 92.7 6/19 34.2(1) 6/27     58 39 0.17 6 40 6/15 E
July 66.3 92.5 7/1   42.3 7/12     30 70 4.24 4 33 7/26 E
Aug 63.1 85.1 8/10   38.1 8/28     69   9 2.88 4 35 8/26 E
Sept 49.9 78.0 9/3   20.7 9/17   451   0 2.46 5 38 9/16 E
Oct 41.5 72.3 10/1     9.3 10/27   734   0 3.38 5 44 10/3 E
Nov 31.8 63.7 11/8 -11.2 11/30   995   0 0.41 5 35 11/28 E
Dec 22.7 50.2 12/16    -6.0 12/3 1311         0       0.45 4     41    12/30 E
TOTALS 43.7 92.7 6/19 - 11.2 11/30 7737 118 16.38 5 44 10/3 E

(1) Reading of 32 on the same day recorded at old station.
Temperatures recorded in degrees Fahrenheit.
Wind Speed recorded in MPH
Precipitation recorded in inches
Heating/Cooling degree base:  65.0

Crestone Weather Notes For 2006:

A new record high temperature for January 7 was set with a reading of 49.7, old record was 48.

Heavy snowfall on January 19 and 20 produced 2.4" of snow accumulation between 11PM and midnight on the 19th, then in the next hour on the 20th, another 3.7" accumulated. Total snow from the storm was 9.9".

The total of .64" of precip recorded for January was exactly the amount that we should receive for the month - which of course is something that almost never happens, making it an unusual event.

An unusual wintertime duststorm hit on February 15 because of the dry conditions and lasted from 1PM till midnight on the 16th.

A new record high for Feb 28 was set with a reading of 63.4(shattering the old mark of 55). This reading also ties the all time high temperature for the month of February set twice before on Feb 25 & 26, 1986.

February was the fourth driest ever on record.

A new record high temperature for March 1 was set with a reading of 56.6, which is rounded off to 57. The old record for the date was 55. A second record high was reached on March 6, with a reading of 62, breaking the old mark of 59.

A new record low temperature was set for March 14 with a reading of -1.1, the old record was +1.

Second duststorm of the winter hits on March 15th.

First rainfall of the year recorded on April 5.

On April 10, the temperature stayed above freezing (32F) for the day's entire 24 hour period. This was the first day since October 28, 2005, that Crestone did not drop below the freezing mark.

On April 13, a new record high temperature for the date was set with a reading of 74, the old record was 73.

Third duststorm of the year hits on April 17.

New record low temperatures were set on April 18 with a reading of 18.4, and the next day on April 19, with a reading of 14.7.

On April 22, a new record high temperature for the date was set with a reading of 78.4, the old record was 74; then the following day on April 23, the record high for that date was tied at 74.0.

This April turned out to be the fourth driest ever recorded, and it also had the fourth least amount of snowfall ever recorded, plus on top of that it was one of the warmest April's ever, too.

On May 13, a new record high temperature for the date was set with a reading of 83.8, which is rounded off to 84, the old record was 83. Another record high temperature for May was set on the 19th, with a reading of 84.5 , beating out the old record of 83. On May 26, a third record breaking high for May was reached with a reading of 84.4, beating the old mark of 81. Finally on the following day, May 27, a fourth May daily record high was set with a reading of 85.3, the old record was 82.

After two straight days of record high temperatures and a total of four so far for the month of May, on May 29 a record low temperature was set with a reading of 29.3, the old mark was 30.

May turned out to be the fifth driest May on record, along with above average temperatures. This was only the third May on record where no snow was recorded for the entire month.

Record high temperatures were recorded on four of the first five days of June with the following readings: June 2, 87 (old  record 86), June 3, 86.8(old record 85), June 4, 87.1(old record 86) and June 5, 90.2(old record 88). Then on June 6 the record high was tied when the temperature hit 89.6.

A sand storm hit on June 8 and lasted for about an hour.

Three more days in a row of record high temperatures are broken in June, starting off on the12th, with a reading of 91.2, shattering the old record of 85, the 13th, with a reading of 91.8, surpassing the old mark of 88, and then again on the 14th when it hit 88.9, breaking the old record of 88.

For a change this June, on the 17th, a new record low temperature for the date was set with a reading of 35.8 (old 40), but then just two days later on the 19th a record high was tied with a reading of 92.4.

On June 21, the record high was tied with a reading of 90.

On June 27, a record low temperature was recorded with a reading of 34.2, old mark was 37. But at the old weather station, a reading of 32 was recorded on the same day, thus marking the latest date on record for our last freeze of the season. The old date was June 15.

This June was the third driest June for total precip in the month on record, it was also the warmest June ever recorded.

Flash floods hits parts of the Baca on July 3, causing widespread damage after 1.47" of rain (with small hail) falls in a one hour time frame (see damage photos here).

This July was the second wettest July ever recorded and the third wettest month ever recorded overall.

August was the fourth wettest August ever for recorded precip for the month on record.

A new record low was set on September 17 when the temperature dropped to 20.7, smashing the old record of 31, then another low record was set on the 18th with a reading of 24.1- old mark was 29, and a record low was tied on the 19th with a reading of 27.9 . A few days later two more record lows would be set, on September 23 it hit 21.9 (old mark was 25), and the next day it went down to 22.8 (old record was 30). Then finally, one last record low was set on September 26 with a reading of 26.6(old record was 30).

Besides being one of the coldest September's ever, this September was also the fourth wettest on record and perhaps the snowiest, too - but most of the snow records from the past for this month are missing, so maybe not.

A short lived dust storm blew into town on October 3 around 345 PM, dropping the temperature 12 degrees in about 15 minutes.

Record low set on October 19th with a reading of 15.1, old record low was 17.

Snowstorm hits on October 25 & 26, dumping 14.2" of snow, including 5.7" falling between 10:00PM & Midnight on the 25th and another 4.3" from 1 to 2 PM on the 26th.

Record low temp set on October 27 with a reading of 9.3(old mark was 12) and then another record low set on October 28 with a reading of 19 (old record was 20).

October turned out to be the wettest on record with 3.38" of precip falling. It also was the snowiest October ever with 14.4" of snow accumulating.

Dust storm hits on November 28, but lasts less than 2 hours.

Record low temp tied on November 29 with a reading of -5.3, then on Nov 30, a new record low was set with a reading of -11.2, the old record was -10. This also was the coldest temperature ever recorded in the month of November (old mark -10).

Temperature stayed below freezing for 165 straight hours (6.9 days) - from November 28 till December 5.

Blizzard conditions including white outs take place with snowstorm that hit on December 20.

December received the exact amount of precip that can be expected for the month - .45".

The year ended up with above average precip, 16.38"- - the first above average precip year since 2001, and the sixth wettest year ever.

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