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Recorded from May 13 thru 16, 1968, but never officially released. This was one of only two songs where Brian Jones was credited with playing bass guitar, with Bill Wyman playing the bongos, which can only be heard near the song's ending. I've also see Brian credited instead as the bongo player on here and Bill noted for the bass part. They made a few takes of this song, but the only one that I know of, and which can be found on many boots, has a bass guitar that don't sound like Bill's style of playing at all.  

Vocal: Mick Jagger Electric Guitar: Keith Richards Bass: Brian Jones Bongos: Bill Wyman Drums: Charlie Watts

STUCK OUT ALL ALONE (aka Hamburger To Go)

Woo whoo whoo whoo
Woo whoo whoo whoo

Saw you on the sidewalk sister
Walking home alone
You got the blues from working
Right down to your bones

Woun't you please tell me sister
Yeah, its all a trip
Yeah even alone
Yeah moma lets go
Yeah your all alone

My my my my my
My my my my my

Stuck out all alone
Your stuck out all alone
(repeat 3 times)