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Webmaster's note: I'm still looking for the lyrics to, or info on, these songs. If you have any info on them, please drop me an email, thanks!

I Want You To Know*

Sure I Do**
(Brian Jones)


Not The Way To Go



(Nanker, Phelge)

Panama Powder Room+
(Nanker, Phelge)

You Should Have Seen Her Ass ~


* Stones recorded this song in '63. It has been credited to just Brian Jones in the studio logs and also Jagger, Jones & Richards.

** The first Stones song to feature someone other than Mick Jagger on lead vocals. Brian Jones wrote and sang lead on this song recorded by the Stones in 1964 but never released.

*** The fore-runner to "Too Tough", lyrics were very explict and the song was re-written. Recorded Oct, 1982.

**** Does this track really exist? Well it's suppose to be a instrumental track, and that's all I know about it.

~ Recorded in November, '72 in Kingston, Jamaica. Has a nice honky tonk piano that goes with it, but on the copy I have Mick's lyrics are down low and hard to understand.

# Recorded Jan - March, 1978,  at RCA Studios, Hollywood, USA. Features Ian McLagan on organ. Very hard to understand what Mick is singing on my boot copy.

+ Another intrumental track from the 1960s is all that is known about this one.

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