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Lets Go Steady Again

Recorded January, 1979, never released, too bad, real nice soulful cut.
Vocal Duet: Keith Richards & Chrissy Kimsey Guitars: Keith Richards, Ron Wood Bass: Bill Wyman Drums: Charlie Watts Sax: Bobby Keys

Lets Go Steady Again

You left me for another
Honey you found out it wasn`t a true lover
Now that he is gone
Lets go steady one more time

Please don`t cry dear, you`ve got to be strong dear
He will never hurt you anymore
But now that he`s gone
Lets go steady one more time

I know he was wrong to come to the dance
With another girl the way that he did
I knew he was wrong when he took your love from me
After all he was once my best friend

Thats all in the past
Let`s forget him
He`ll never hurt you I won`t let him
Now that he`s gone
Let`s go steady one more time