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Jah Is Not Dead

Recorded in January of 1979, reggae song, never released.
Vocals & Percussion: Mick Jagger & Max Romeo Guitars: Keith Richards, Ron Wood & Boz Scaggs Bass: Bill Wyman Drums: Charlie Watts

Jah Is Not Dead

The trouble with Christianity is Christians
It's a problem with all religions
Religiousness, righteousness, hypocrisy,
Hand in hand you see them fall down in front of you

2000 years, I just about fucking had it

The only problem... Jah is not dead, Jah is not dead
If you want to do coke, do it in the other room
Jah is not dead
Jah is not so wonderful, not as wonderful as god said
Jah is not so beautiful as youth
Jah is a ??, it's obvious

Jah is not dead

It gets kinda futile after a while
Well if you're old you're wise
We're all gonna die, and once we conveyance... Hey!

(ad libbing)

Jah is not dead Jah is not wonderful (repeated for about 6 minutes, till the song's ending)