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by the Common Foot Soldier
November 30, 2009
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How can so many people here rate this great album so damn low?! This is the best Stones album to come out since Some Girls, bar none! It's better than Bang, which I also like a lot, but not as much. It is clearly better that that flop that came before it, Bridges to Babylon! There are a ton of great songs on here like "Love Is Strong" and "I Go Wild" (both 10s for sure!). Have some of the Stones fans lost it when they put down a great song like "Blinded by Rainbows", as I was reading at this site's message board in the last week? Maybe I should stop being a lurker there and get my 2 cents in! And Keno, you rated several songs here too low, besides "Rainbow"! Like "Brand New Car" and "Suck On the Jugular", both are 10s! This is the best Stones album in years, I suggest you buy it if you just like the Stones even a little.

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Name: Derek Zender
June 15, 2006
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Lately, I've been seeing immense praise for VL all over Stones fansites. And frankly, I have one question for all these fans who praise it: What the hell do you see in this overproduced, sterile piece of crap?! Apart from a couple songs, it is all filler and no killer. It's amazing how fans can hail it as a "classic".

"Love Is Strong" - Nice little groove, but dumb lyrics and over-the-top vocal by Mick knock it down a little. "You Got Me Rocking" - The best song on the album, would have been perfect had it not been for the smooth, classisist production, a problem which plagues the whole album. "Sparks Will Fly" - Good musically, but contains the worst lyrics ever credited to Jagger/Richards. Lyrically, it makes a song like "Fight" look like "You Can't Always Get What You Want". "The Worst" - Possibly the most overrated Stones song ever. It's nice, but it's way too short and the band sounds bored. "Out of Tears" - Another one of the Stones' most overrated songs, this hookless, meandering, made for MTV ballad that is somehow loved by Stones fans is their worst ballad ever. "I Go Wild" - Annoying anthem song that is more heavily-produced than all of Steel Wheels. The good riff saves it. "Brand New Car" - Horrendous piece of shit song about using a car as a weak metaphor for a woman. Honest Man would have been better in it's place. "Thru and Thru" - One of Keith's best ever songs. Great, bulky guitar in slow part, then a nice slide solo in the fast part and nice creepy synth in background.

The other songs are all pleasant, but forgettable fillers. VL is one of the Stones' worst album, second only to Dirty Work. Classisist, boring production taints the entire album. B2B and ABB are FAR better albums.

By Bob
October 8, 2005
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Some people will tell you that Voodoo Lounge sucks and deserves to burn. Well, that is a bit harsh. It's actually quite good, if only you people would just give it a chance...'Love Is Strong' has some awesome harp playing, but not much else. 'You Got Me Rocking' has gotten a lot of opposition on the Stones boards, but the studio version is awesome. 'Sparks Will Fly', a crazy rocker, would have to be my favorite. Then there's 'The Worst', which could've been a pretty good song if it weren't for the steel guitar and the fiddle and Mick's backup singing...I hate country, as you can see. Anyway, there are three boring songs in a row after this; 'New Faces', 'Moon Is Up' and 'Out of Tears', all of which fall squarely into my, "Worst Stones Songs!" category. 'I Go Wild' and 'Brand New Car' are mean rockers, but 'Sweethearts Together' rivals 'Emotional Resscue' on my, "Drivel-o-meter". Next is the loose, funky 'Suck on the Jugular', another favorite of mine, and the beauty of 'Blinded By Rainbows'. I never thought I'd call a Stones song beautiful (Though I would jump at the chance to call 'Angie' sappy), but that was before I'd heard 'Blinded By Rainbows'. 'Baby Break It Down' is so bad it's unthinkable, but that's rescued by the severely-underrated 'Thru and Thru', in which the Stones have some tempo fun. It starts as a crawling ballad, then speeds up and evolves into a rocker. The song compares a constant heart to a shipping business, and Keef's husky vocal performance boosts the effect even more. I don't see why Keno had to rate it a 4.2, it's a 10.0 in my book! Anyhoo, 'Mean Disposition' kicks...some...@$$!!! It's a killer kloser (Krusty the Clown will appreciate that one) with a mean piano. All of those who dislike it really should give it a second chance, as I did.

By Steve Keogh
January 9, 2004
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I agree with the consensus that this is the best Stones album since Some Girls. That's hardly a massive vote of confidence considering Steel Wheels & Co. couldn't stand up to other 'rock monster' albums of the eighties. But Voodoo Lounge is an entertaining and occasionally engaging album.

'Love is Strong' is a cracker. Micks vocals and harmonica, and Keith's screeching guitar bring back memories of that old Stones swagger. It may be a little awkward, but the vibe is there, a solid opener. 'You Got Me Rocking' mightn't be exactly ground breaking the rock genre, but it's simple and fun - something the Stones of the eighties had lost perhaps. There are alot of weak tracks on the album - 'The Worst', 'New Faces', 'Sweethearts Together' all feel like B-Sides. Poor, and poorer still considering they could have been trimmed off a fifteen track album.

A few little gems on this one though - 'Out of Tears', 'Brand New Car', 'Blinded by Rainbows' and I must admit a sneaking regard for 'Thru and Thru'.

A fun if sometimes frustrating album, the opener being the only track that measures up to tracks of the heyday. But I still cant help but fall victim of the Stone's energy on the first three tracks, and then 'I Go Wild' and 'Brand New Car'. The swagger, the screeching, the sex and debauchery are back - and Ron Wood even distinguishes himself for more than having an identical haircut to Rod Stewart. But still as a piece of work it's too basic, and far too unoriginal an album to be rated that highly. A solid album but doesn't stand up even next to rock albums of the age.

September 14, 2002
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This is nowhere near the quality and dimension of Exile, Sticky Fingers, Beggars, or Let it Bleed. That should be obvious, but new fans should definitely buy those albums first. After that, although there are other RS albums I like better than VL, I would not begrudge someone's opinion who held this to be the best studio album since GHS or Exile.

OUT OF TEARS is the real gem on this album. It's their best ballad since ANGIE or earlier. They had completely forgotten about what it means to make a ballad. Not only that, but they have others: THE WORST and BLINDED BY RAINBOWS. The lesser ballads, such as NEW FACES, MOON IS UP, and SWEETHEARTS TOGETHER, show the kinds of experimentation we saw on Flowers, Buttons, and Aftermath.

LOVE IS STRONG is up in the league of very good album kick-offs, such as IF YOU CAN'T ROCK ME, better than DANCING WITH MR D and SOME GIRLS, but not as strong as ROCKS OFF. It's a catchy hook.

Mick sings like a real man, rather than a barking dog. It's too bad Mick find fault with the Stones sounding like the Stones. He's restless, but his proclivities are towards a very bland pop, such as She's The Boss (which I suffered though last night).

On this album, the Stones are the Stones once more. Even Wood kicks off with some very good guitar work. The only thing missing is the hard edge the Stones used to bring to their music. There's glimmers of it, but mostly this is a very good Stones pop album, as opposed to a bad Jagger/Stones pop album.

By thijs den otter
August 14, 2002
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This is the best Stones album since the seventies. 'Love Is Strong' is the kind of classic rock song that should be on every Stones record. Other songs that kind of stick are 'Brand New Car' and 'I Go Wild'. There are however, a number of tracks that are of a less than average quality. A song like 'New Faces' would have made a nice bonus song on a CD-single but doesn't really belong on this album. 'The Worst' lives up to it's name. Still, the album has the potential to become one of the classic Stones albums, which can't be said of any other studio-album in the past two decades.

By T-roy
July 18, 2002
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A welcome return to form. After the disaster that was Steel Wheelchairs, it's nice to hear a solid cohesive album. "Love is Strong" and "You Got Me Rockin" are an incredibly exciting one two punch. This is what a lot of people were waiting for. And Charlie's drums in "I Go Wild" are fantastic! Credit Don Was for getting the Stones to do what have do best - play great rock and roll. And the slow songs are incredible. "Out of Tears" is an instant classic. The only problem - as usual - is that Mr. Richards has 2 or 3 slow songs that showcase: a) his voice being history and b) that he will never write another uptempo song for the rest of his life. Keith - do us a favor and shut up and let Mick keep writing (thank God Mick still likes uptempo numbers) and you have one hell of an album.

By John Wallen
March 3, 2002
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We looked forward to this album with a lot of anticipation. Unfortunately, we were let down--badly. The first point to make is that it follows the trend of Steel Wheels with the Stones parodying themselves. I would say that Dirty Work was the last true Stones album, because although it is no masterpiece, it honestly chronicles where the Stones were at that point. I would say that after that they split spiritually speaking and only came back subsequently on the basis of a business proposition.
Back to the album: Love is Strong is the only good song on the album--and there is something strangely retro about even this. The rest of the songs represent a mixed bag of styles from the previous 35 years. It's as if they were saying things like: 'I know let's write one like 'Out of Tears,' to each other. Voodoo Lounge is the Greatest Hits that never were. 'Blinded by Rainbows' is a nice little Mick ballad, in the vein of his present solo effort, 'Visions of Paradise'. 'You Got Me Rockin' and I Go Wild' are two chord monstrosities, guaranteed to evoke a migraine...I could go on...but I won't. Voodoo Lounge is a big disappointment

By Rutger Janssen
January 15, 2001
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When I first bought this album one year ago, I played it only once. I just hated it. Are these really the Stones, I asked myself. And I threw it in my closet. A few months later, I got it out of my closet and listened to it again. That's when I heard the beauty of this album.
'OUT OF TEARS' is a fantastic mature ballad. It starts with a great piano sound, but when Mick starts to sing you can hear the real beauty of it. Mick sings the same here as on 'Angie', just great. But, this is not the best ballad. 'BLINDED BY RAINBOWS' is without a doubt the best song on this album. The sound of Keith’s guitar on the beginning of the song is so beautiful, that it will stop someone from killing himself when he hears that guitar sound. Then Mick starts to sing, and I can’t describe the sound of that. The way Mick sings this, he proves without a doubt that he is the best singer the world ever had or will have. It just makes you cry. Somewhere in the middle of this song Ronnie proves that he is also a great guitarist. People who say that Ronnie is just a fill-in, I recommend to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Not forgot to mention the lyric and the purpose of this song. No musicians, except for Mick and Keith, can write such good political songs. After this, I have to disagree big time with webmaster Keno. Keith’s song 'THE WORST' is a very touching ballad. For the first time Keith really sings his heart out, the way Mick sings 'Angie'. Off course Keith’s guitar is great, but the way he expresses his feelings on this one is just fantastic. I think these three are the best on this album, but the opening song 'LOVE IS STRONG', is also fantastic. Keith’s guitar sounds like the old times again... I really think that this is one of the most scary Stones song ever. The second song, 'YOU GOT ME ROCKING', is also fantastic. This is a song that really opens the doors. Very rough song. ( another good song is 'NEW FACES' ). The rest of this album is not as great as mentioned songs and some I still never listen to, but maybe about five years they will become of my favorites. That is the beauty of the Stones, you don’t have to like all the songs. There are so many albums you can choose from. Every month you will like other songs and other albums.

By: christophoros
April 8, 2000
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For being true, I always liked BRIDGES TO BABYLON more than this, perhaps only, because it was my first Rolling Stones album, and when VOODOO LOUNGE came out, I still didn' t even know that the Rolling Stones existed. Now I have warmed up with it, although my expectations first weren't that high, as there is a sticker on my copy saying: WARNING! THIS CD CONTAINS LANGUAGE SOME MAY FIND OFFENSIVE. This seems like a cheap promotional trick they actually don't have necessary to me, and it' s also sad, sad, sad that with it the CD is actually sold under its value. Anyway, this was a strong comeback, the first studio album after 5 years, and on some songs (YOU GOT ME ROCKING, SPARKS WILL FLY, I GO WILD, BRAND NEW CAR, BABY BREAK IT DOWN, MEAN DISPOSITION,...) they rock as hard as never before, which is a great achievement for their age. LOVE IS STRONG even sounds like a sixties-song, with, especially in the lyrics some Beatles-elements. However, Mick' s typical VOODOO voice (sic!) makes clear that it can only be the Stones. On the other side, there are also touching ballads, on which already the more mature Stones of the follow-up shine through. I have to point out especially BLINDED BY RAINBOWS, no other band can play political songs as direct and emotional. Also NEW FACES is full of desire. SUCK ON THE JUGULAR must be the key piece, because it is as much strange Stones style as the title and the cover of the album. Minus points go to the elimination from the album of THE STORM, SO YOUNG, JUMP ON TOP OF ME and I' M GONNA DRIVE, and the typical hardrock ballad SWEETHEARTS TOGETHER for me is also just not bad.

By keef
October 11, 1999
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A near masterpiece. The best Stones' album since SOME GIRLS. You can almost always count on the Stones for some great melodies, riffs, and basic song structures. Jagger's singing has always been strong with the exception of his vocals on DIRTY WORK and some of STEEL WHEELS. His lyrics are usually good as well, although I admit that lyrics are not that important to me. What separates the good Stones' albums from the great ones is the "sound." The way the songs are arranged and produced. This time they've gone back to the basics. The production is gritty and raw. The overproduction and studio polish from the previous few albums is gone. VOODOO LOUNGE has a live-in-the studio-sound with minimal overdubbing. The musical arrangements are great too. Mick and Keith dress up this collection of great songs with electric and acoustic guitars, harps, accordions, horns, and a host of other instruments. Acoustic guitars give this album a "warmth" that had been missing for many years. Rockers like Love is Strong, You Got Me Rocking, Sparks, and Baby Break It Down all feature acoustics to
give the songs a warmer, more full sound. Keith's riffs on this album are among his best of the past 20 years. They're not just good riffs this time though--they "sound" good too. The classic Keith guitar sound returns--thick, rich, and nasty. His playing sounds much more bluesy this time, unlike the hard rock/heavy metal tone of DIRTY WORK and STEEL WHEELS. Mick's voice hasn't sounded this good in a long time either. Gone is the grunting, barking vocal style of the previous few albums. You can tell that Mick really wanted to showcase his voice this time. His vocals are much more expressive and his phrasing is top notch. Love Is Strong features one of the strongest vocal performances of Mick's career--deep, sexy, and sinister. The higher range style of Angie returns with Out of Tears, one of the best Stones' ballads of all time. Charlie's drumming is rock solid as usual and this time they've got him mixed properly.


By David West
August 10, 1999
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To me VOODOO LOUNGE is one of the Stones' worst studio recordings. Out of 15 cuts on the album only 5 or 6 are what I would call keepers. It just doesn't have that edge that other Stones albums have. Their swagger doesn't show through here except for the first 3 cuts, 'I Go Wild', 'Brand New Car', and 'Mean Disposition'. Songs like 'Moon Is Up', 'New Faces', 'Blinded by Rainbows', and 'Suck On the Jugular' just don't have it. I think this is a much weaker effort than 'Bridges to Babylon', and it ranks as one of my least favorite studio albums by The Boys. I think the strongest  cut on the album by far is 'You Got Me Rockin' which was performed extensively on their No Security tour. It's a great rockin tune that really sticks in the brain....the Stones sound at its best. All in all I was disappointed with VOODOO LOUNGE. I seemed to grow tired of it
quicker than other Stones recordings.

By D. Bowers
June 3, 199
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Next to "No Security" this is by far the best album they have done since lets say "Some Girls" or "Tattoo You." I have to say that when I heard the album I was very surpirsed. Maybe I wasn't expecting it to be that great due to the hip build up for "Steel Wheels." I thought to myself before "Steel Wheels" came out it was going to be an awesome album. Although it's a very good album I felt it was some what of a let down. Only because I was expecting a return of there magic from the early day's. Once I put "Voodoo Lounge" in the CD player and pressed play I started getting goose bumps. I thought to myself hey this stuff is pretty awesome. The album starts of with the strong track "Love Is Strong" with the awesome harmonica playing from Mick. "Love is Strong" set the tone for the rest of the album showing the strong songwriting and tight playing. The next two song's are strong rocker's with some great moment's. Then the album takes a surpassing turn with the next song "The Worst." I going to have to go against Keno on this one because I feel this is truly a heartfelt revealing song. Richards hangs his heart on his sleeve for this one. At first you think that the song is about a jerk who should never be trusted by a women. But actually the song is showing how he feels some how tainted inside and not a very good person. He saying, hey I've done some thing that I regret and now that I look in the mirror I don't see a good person anymore. The next great track is "Moon Is Up." It has such a great feel to it and it show how a great band can take a good basic song and make it great one with there talent.Other highlights would be "Out Of Tears" which can be compared to, and comes pretty close to matching the level of "Angie"  as far as being a strong focused ballad and being a heart felt song. The next four song's are again somewhat strong and an enjoyment to listen to.

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