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Week Date Question
710 1/27/2020 Rate Neil Young's unplugged live performance video of 'Needle And The Damage Done' (Click here for the video)
710 1/27/2020 What's the best Rock Song written about horses, or has 'horse' in its title?
709 1/20/2020 Rate T. Rex's live performance video of 'Get it On (Bang a Gong)' (Click here for the video)
709 1/20/2020 Of the artists just announced to be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for 2020, which one shouldn't have gotten in?
708 1/13/2020 Rate Simon & Garfunkel's live performance video of 'The Sound of Silence' (Click here for the video)
708 1/13/2020 What was the worst Number 1 Rock/Pop song ever made?
707 1/6/2020 Rate Ram Jam's official performance video of 'Black Betty' (Click here for the video)
707 1/6/2020 What is the best Song about being Stoned (Part 3 of 3)
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