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Released - October 24, 1975  on  EMI Records. Produced by John Lennon (some songs with Yoko Ono and Phil Spector)

John Lennon - Lead & Backing Vocals,  Electric & Acoustic Guitars (Lead & Rhythm), Piano, Percussion

Other musicians on the album and song lyrics can be found by clicking on each song title

All song written by John Lennon, unless noted..... Year song released in parenthesis.

Give Peace A Chance (Lennon/McCartney)(1969)   10.0
Cold Turkey (1969)   10.0
Instant Karma (1970)   10.0
Power To The People (1971)     9.0
Mother (1970)   10.0
Woman is the Nigger of the World (Lenno/Ono)(1972)     7.6
Imagine  (1971)   10.0
Whatever Gets You Through The Night  (1974)   10.0
Mind Games  (1973)   10.0
#9 Dream  (1974)     9.5
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Lenno/Ono) (1971)   10.0
Ave     9.7


This greatest hits album came out in 1975 and covers only some of John Lennon's best solo material while excluding all of his work with the Beatles. Perhaps it was understandable at the time to release only solo stuff on here, but why this wasn't a double album is another question, as many other post Beatles songs could have also been included. Still, what we get here is top-notched!

The only real disappointment found on this LP is the song chosen to kick-off the album, "Give Peace A Chance", which was recorded live in a hotel room with many of Lennon's friends. But, only the first minute of the song is heard, and then it goes into the next number, "Cold Turkey", with Lennon's great lead acid guitar. But why did they cut short the opening number? Very weird! Although not noted in the song list above, there is a "Give Peace A Chance (reprise)" added on to the very end of "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" - sounding as if it is a part of that song, and not really a part of the live recording of "Give Peace A Chance", but something John recorded in 1975 to close out this greatest hits album. It sounds cool and is a great closer, but still, it isn't "Give Peace A Chance".

Overall, some of Lennon's best songs are found on here (as should be the case with all greatest hits albums) including the world's greatest ever peace song "Imagine". A must have for all Lennon fans, even if you already have all of his studio albums.

- Keno 2005

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