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The Weather Underground will no longer host webcams
(Posted on Nov 15, 2017) 

Some real big news.... As of December 15, 2017, the Weather Underground (WU), will no longer host any webcams on their domain and will completely close down the entire service that they now offer.

Considering how popular web cams are today, I'm a bit surprised, but then again I'm not, since hosting web cans on your own server costs a lot of money to do and can put a strain on your server(s) if you have as many as the WU hosts. But this development  in turn will have a major impact on our Colorado Web Cam site, as well as the cams it hosts. 

I have permission from the WU to hot link directly to any of the cams that they show on their site, while I have no permission to directly link to these cams at the locations where they actually are located on the web. Less than a quarter of the cams that this Colorado Web Cams site directly links to are cams that are directly hosted with the WU. So in turn, I will now have to directly contact these cam owners and see if they will give me and this domain permission to "hot link" back to their domain where they also host their cams.

Hot linking verses hosting a webcam on web server are 2 different things. It costs the cam owner nothing to host their cam on the WU's domain, while if they allow hot linking - it could cost them, depending on what kind of service they already have with their own ISP. In reality, most web cam owners would see no increases in allowing hot linking of their cams to another site or a domain like - as long as we are talking about still cam photos.  Streaming a cam's data is a totally different deal and would cost them, but, none of the streaming cams that we show at come from the WU.

So there will be new work on my part to do in contacting all of the web cam owners who I'm supplied feeds from now directly from the WU - and if they give me permission to hot link to their service, it will take me time to re-code all of them, etc. But just getting ahold of these web cam owners is what actually takes the most time, and if I can't find them, I can't link to them. I also won't be able to link to them if they deny my domain permission to use their feed.

So I got 4 weeks to get this all taken care of. Until I get the new permissions, things should stay the same link wise at the site. If I don't get said permission, then those cams will be lost forever. If you have a favorite cam you view everyday that the WU hosts (it's noted if it is or not hosted by them below the thumbnail photo on each page), I suggest you contact the cam owner and ask them to please allow to be granted permission to hot link to their cams when asked.

You can read up more on this at the WU by flowing this link to their site:, and thanks for reading this notice.


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